Who are we?

MediaPoint is the largest, most cost-effective free publication distribution management company in the Washington, DC and Baltimore metro regions.  Our high visibility Metro-Kiosks can be found at Metrorail Stations in DC, VA and MD.

What services do we provide?

MediaPoint offers a wide variety of publication distribution and management services at the industry’s most competitive rates.  Distribution services include delivery of your publication to your list of proprietary locations or choose high foot traffic locations from our extensive distribution network.

MediaPoint also has publication kiosks located at most Metrorail Stations in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.  Typical Metrorail ridership reaches 640,000 commuters, office workers and tourists each day!

What makes us different from other distributors?

Many reasons.  In addition to our several store chains, MediaPoint also distributes publications to thousands of high-traffic locations throughout our existing distribution network.  This gives our clients far greater visibility and makes it easier and more convenient for the public to find their publications.

Also, we have bright yellow Metro-Kiosks located throughout the Metrorail sysytem in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia which provides our publishers with an even more visible option for their publications.

How do we keep our rates low?

MediaPoint keeps its rates low because unlike courier services we have established daily, weekly and monthly routes within our existing distribution network.  MediaPoint prices are based on publication frequency, weight, dimensions and distribution footprint.  As a result, our publications receive greater visibility at reduced distribution cost.

How does our service benefit your advertises?

When our client’s publications receive greater exposure–so do their advertisers!  Since our clients are moving their product at reduced costs, it’s easier for them to stay competitive and keep their advertising rates at a reasonable level.  The alternative is to regularly raise their rates to pay for our competitor’s constantly rising distribution costs.

Where can I find a Metro-Kiosk?

We have dozens of highly visible, bright-yellow Metro-Kiosks throughout the Metrorail system in Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.  Our list of locations will be provided upon request.

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